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Title: Misurfi LC Server / TekBASE available / 50% discount coupon
Post by: katjaateuserv on April 14, 2015, 09:54:45 AM
1) Server News #1: Misurfi LC - dedicated servers for the price of a VPS
2) Server News #2: TekBASE available for dedicated servers and VPS
3) Redeem your coupon: 50% discount on 1TB BackupHD


1) Server News #1: Misurfi LC - dedicated server for the price of a VPS

From now on EUserv offers a dedicated server for a permanent price of 5 EURO per month (5.95 EUR incl. VAT). The servers called "Misurfi LC" ("LC= Low Cost") are one of the cheapest dedicated servers hosted in a data center in Germany.

The servers are exclusively dedicated machines and no VPS. They are suitable for the entry into the dedicated hosting and can be managed completely independently.

Despite the extremely low price the servers are characterized by reliable and proven hardware. Each component of the server is tested before provisioning by a self-developed software to guarantee a reliability and functionality of 100%. If there should be a technical failure, we provide an exchange server within a few hours.

Check out now if such a Low-Cost server works for you. EUserv starts (at first) with a limited contingent of these dedicated servers in the extreme low-cost range.

Click here to order your dedicated LC server - hosted 100% in Germany:

2) Server News #2: TekBASE available for dedicated servers and VPS

We have expanded our range of operating systems with graphical admin panel again. TekBASE is now available for dedicated servers in version "Standard" and "RAID1". For VPS there is also a corresponding installation image available. Basis is a current Debian.

TekBASE is a modular surface, which can be used as needed (game servers, dedicated servers, streaming servers, etc.). For the operators of online shops an automated billing and reminder system is available. For the management of multiple servers, the servers can also be directly integrated and managed by TekBASE.

All installations of TekBASE come with a free and already activated TekBASE Lite license.

3) Redeem your coupon: 50% discount on 1TB BackupHD

You want to save data, pictures or music secure and have them always available? Backup online storage as optional server extension is a great choice. External backups are one of the securest ways to protect your data against system failures and data loss – whether private or company-internal.

Private customers can use the online storage for backups of their home PC's and homeservers, or simply save their own picture collection online.

Companies ensure with an online backup, that there is a separate backup of important company data.

Benefits of online storage:

- quick and easy data backup (also from external servers, PC's or laptops)
- high data reliability through data storage in Germany
- available worldwide and safe
- automatic and manual backups
- upgradeable

Until 2015/04/30 you´ll get 50% discount on monthly charge with the following coupon.

Your personal coupon code: 2v8DZYwH

After you put the online storage "1TB BackupHD" with one year contract term in the cart, enter the coupon code.

Learn more about the BackupHD and how to redeem a coupon: