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Title: General Safety Notes/ VPS Summer Edition 2015 / nNew Operating Systems
Post by: katrinateuserv on June 23, 2015, 06:16:13 PM

1) General safety notes
2) Special offers: VPS "vServer Pro XL Summer Edition 2015"
3) Server News #1: Fedora 22 for dedicated servers available
4) Server News #2: XENserver 6.5 for dedicated servers available

1) General safety notes

Safety notes for mail accounts and passwords

Our support agents often get reports about hacked mail accounts from our
customers. This can be really annoying, since hacked mail accounts are
often used for sending spam and viruses.

EUserv's security team urgently recommends checking the passwords of all
your mail accounts in the customer panel.

Log in to the customer panel and check your mail accounts for secure
passwords. Passwords should at least be 8 characters long and contain at
least 2 lowercase letters, 2 uppercase letters and 2 digits.

Please use encrypted connections only when communicating from your mail
client (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) with our mail servers (for fetching and
sending of mails). Our servers for incoming and outbound mail support
encrypted connections.

Login to Customer Panel:

2) Special offers: VPS "vServer Pro XL Summer Edition 2015"

VPS "vServer Pro XL Summer Edition 2015" for 14,95€/ month

The VPS "vServer Pro XL" is currently available in a "Summer Edition" for a
special price. The VPS plan "Pro XL" provides entry to an own professional
server with root access. The VPS "vServer Pro XL" is especially suited for
bigger web applications in private or small business scenarios. Coming with
2 virtual processing cores, it features a good performance.

Which features are contained with the VPS "vServer Pro XL Summer Edition"?

- 4 GB RAM
- 200 GB HDD (RAID1)
- 6 free IPv4 addresses
- FTP backup space (200 GByte) included for free
- 100 Mbit connection, all traffic included

Which costs arise for the offer?

The special offer VPS "vServer Pro XL 2015" is available in the following
contract terms:

- 6 months for 14,95€/ month
- 12 months for 9,95€/ month
- 24 months for 7,95€/ month

Setup fees are waived and the invoicing will be in advance for the complete
contract term. This offer is limited until the 30th of September 2015 (or
when completely sold out).

Link to the offer:

3) Server News #1: Fedora 22 available for dedicated servers

Fedora 22 is now available for all dedicated servers and can be installed
via the customer panel. In addition to the standard installation, a RAID1
version can be selected.

Fedora 22 comes with a couple of features. The package manager Yum is
finally replaced by DNF (Dandified Yum). Basis for the new release is a 4.0
kernel and XFS is now used as default filesystem.

The management tool Cockpit allows administrators with less Linux
experience the controlling of many important options via web frontend. In
addition, Fedora 22 server comes with a new server role database server
that is based on PostgreSQL.

More features:

- Database Server as new server role
- default filesystem XFS
- management tool Cockpit
- Package Manager DNF
- Kernel 4.0

A comprehensive list of all available operating systems can be found here:

4) Server News #2: XENserver 6.5 available for dedicated servers

XENServer 6.5 for dedicated servers is now available and can be installed
via the customer panel.

XENServer 6.5 increases the speed, scalability and performance of large
desktop, cloud and server virtualization implementations.

Citrix XENServer 6.5 offers new features for virtualized infrastructure
workloads. This version makes it possible to provide cost-effective highend
3D graphic applications, to take advantage of the latest 64-bit hardware
and operating system platforms and to meet the requirements for high
performance networks, storage and workload management.

More features:

- enhanced support for GPU virtualization
- enhanced support for enterprise server virtualization
- improvements in networking, storage and availability
- improved management and maintenance

A comprehensive list of all available operating systems can be found here: