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 on: December 03, 2019, 08:58:18 AM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv
After this years introduction of the Instant64 v5 server with Intel Core i7 CPU in spring, we now offer "v6" servers with AMD Ryzen CPU.

We already tested the AMD Ryzen processors extensively with selected customers in the last 3 month. The performance of these CPU's is currently extremely high.

The server series "Instant64 v5" (with Intel CPU) and the "Instant64 AR v6" (with AMD Ryzen CPU) are therefore both orderable.

Server series "Instant64 AR v6" consists of 4 models:

* with 2x 10TB HDD
* with 2x 1TB SSD
* with 2x 1TB NVMe
* with 2x NVMe + 2x 10TB HDD (Hybrid)

All servers are provided as BTO (built-to-order). Due to the high interest and the pre-order numbers in the early months we expect a delivery time of approx. 2-4 weeks.

As operating systems all OS marked as "v4" can be installed.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the offer here in the forum.

All the "Instant64 AR v6" servers and prices in the overview below:

 on: November 20, 2019, 01:50:26 PM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv
Cyber Weeks 2019 have started at EUserv and will last until 2.12.2019!
Especially for all techies the 10TB BackupHD is definitely interesting!

All Cyber-Weeks specials at a glance:

1) Cyber-Offer #1:
   Hosting "Active Cyber Edition 2019" with PHP, mySQL and SSL

For a special price of 2.97 EUR permanently (including 19% VAT) per month, we offer hosting plan "Active Cyber Edition 2019" in the 12-month contract including .eu domain, 10GB webspace and SSL support with an "Let's encrypt" SSL Certificat. Your websites are automatically reachable under "http://" and "https://". Attention: In the first contract year, there is an additional 23.80 EUR discount!

Get the offer here:


2) Cyber-Offer #2:
   10TB Cloudstorage "BackupHD 10T Cyber Edition 2019"

A convincing offer is also cloudstorage "BackupHD 10T Cyber Edition 2019". This plan includes 10TB online storage and is available for 11.90 EUR per month permanently. Setup fees do not apply! If you have a lot of data to back up, that's the right offer!

Get the offer here:


3) Cyber-Offer #3:
   Dedicated Server "RTR-A1" for special price in the first 3 month

If you need an immediately available dedicated server with 20 monthly free IP addresses and Gbit connection, you can get the "RTR-A1" in the first 3 contract months for only 5.95 EUR monthly (including 19% VAT) by choosing 3 month contract term. Equipped with Intel Xeon E3 processor, 32GB RAM and 2x 2.000GB harddrives, the offer is ideal for extensive private and business projects. The benefit will be credited to the first invoice for the first 3 months.

Get the offer here:


4) Cyber-Offer #4:
   Email-Plan "MailDomain Home (.eu)" at an extremely low price
   in the first year

The plan "MailDomain Home" with .EU domain is available during the Cyber-Weeks 2019 for only 5.95 EUR (including 19% VAT) in the first year. From the second contract year the regular fees for the plan will apply.

Register your individual .EU domain with mail addresses and mailboxes now:

Please feel free to share this promotion with your friends on Facebook:

 on: October 15, 2019, 07:43:28 AM 
Started by katrinateuserv - Last post by katrinateuserv
Hello List Members,

PHP 7.3 is now available in the customer panel as an additional scripting language for all hosting accounts with PHP support.

Users whose PHP 7.3 scripts are compatible can switch to PHP 7.3 at any time in the customer panel -> Contracts -> PHP Configurator as default.


 on: October 14, 2019, 02:40:57 PM 
Started by katrinateuserv - Last post by katrinateuserv
Hello list members,

EUserv has developed many new features around Domains in the last week and months. In this context, we introduced new Domain and MailDomain plans last week.

From now on, the following Domain plans are available:

* Domain Parking: domain registration for parking domains
* Domain Pro v3: domain registration with various domain functions
* MailDomain Home: E-Mail address and mailboxes under own domain

The plan "Domain Parking" is only available for some TLDs, but permanently cheap. The plans "Domain Pro v3" and "MailDomain Home" replace the current Domain and MailDomain plans. There are completely new prices, sometimes more expensive, sometimes cheaper than before.

Furthermore, we will be adding new TLDs in the next weeks and months.

 on: September 30, 2019, 09:58:05 AM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv

we now offer an additional model for the dedicated Instant64 server series with 2x 500GB NVMe SSDs.
Like all other servers in this series the "Instant64 NVMe v5" is also equipped with Intel Core i7 8700 CPU and 64 GB RAM. The NVMe SSDs are connected via M.2 to the PCIe bus.

Since older operating systems do not yet support NVMe's, only the "v4" OSs are available for this server.

Details and prices for the new "Instant64 NVMe v5" can be found here:

We appreciate feedback and questions here in this thread.

 on: September 27, 2019, 01:58:28 PM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv

As part of the introduction of new DNS servers since last week we also updated  the Customer Control Panel, which now offers some major changes or extensions for Domain administration.

The new name servers provide more stability, security, redundancy and new features.

The new features are available for plans supporting full DNS management. (at least “Domain Pro v2”).

New Domain features in the customer panel at a glance:

* Longer DNS-Records:

Customers can now create longer DNS-Records in DNS management (previously: max 255 characters, now: max 1000 characters)

Thus, e.g. TXT entries for DKIM with 2048 Bit are possible now (previously only DKIM with 1024 Bit) => more security for Email authenticity of Email sender (read:

* Expert feature for short DNS-TTL:

If you have set the expert mode, you can now enter DNS entries with a TTL of less than 60 seconds (up to 0 seconds) (previously only 60 seconds were possible)

Modifying DNS-Records with very little time delay until they become active are now possible. In the event of a server failure, domains can be moved to a different server IP very quickly, or if a mistake has been made in DNS management, it can be corrected quickly.

* Search function for DNS-Records:

Now a domain zone can be searched according to the following criteria:

- Content of the DNS entry
- domain
- subdomain
- Type of DNS-Record

For many DNS-Records, certain entries can be found faster, e.g. if this is to be changed or deleted. For many Co-domains in the contract, a faster search without scrolling is possible. (Search for DNS-Records for a specific domain.)

* Extensions by the following record types:

- CAA (

These extensions can be used to authorize only specific certification authorities (CAs), e.g. with a CAA entry,  to issue a certificate for the affected domain.

* Change function for DNS-Records:

If a DNS entry should be changed, the entire entry no longer needs to be deleted and recreated. There is thus no downtime between the changes (with low TTLs).

For the changes in the customer panel the Wiki has been also updated:

As always, we appreciate feedback here in the forums!

Best regards


 on: September 19, 2019, 08:48:11 AM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv

1) Service + Support #1: New Rescue-System v4 available for Servers
2) Domain News: .EU, .AT and .IT Domains now available in plan
   "Domain Parking"
3) Specials + Offers: 1TB cloud storage "BackupHD 1T SE2019" for free
   in the 1st year
4) Service + Support #2: Limited EUserv Phone Support at Friday 20/09/2019


1) Service + Support #1: New Rescue-System v4 available for Servers

Rescue system "v4" is now available for dedicated servers as well as for
*BCI based VPS and can be installed via the customer panel.

This new system will replace the previous v3 rescue system. Among other
things, it comes with a newer kernel, which supports current operating- and
file systems.

To activate the new rescue system v4 please select the corresponding entry
in the customer panel -> select contract -> rescue system. If you do not
see the entry, please first switch to the "Expert functions" in the
customer panel under the menu "Settings".

More information at EUserv Statuspage:

Login to customer panel:

2) Domain News: .EU, .AT and .IT Domains now available in plan
   "Domain Parking"

Domains under .at for Austria and .it for Italy, as well as .eu for the
European Union can now be registered and parked in plan "Domain Parking" in
addition to the previously available German country code .de. The plan
includes the simple registration of the domain and the provision of the DNS
servers needed to connect to the domain.

If a website should be activated later, email functionality will be
required or a forwarding to an existing Internet address will be set up, an
upgrade to another plan is possible at any time.

Only for a short time, all domain extensions in plan "Domain Parking" are
available without setup fee!

More information and order:

3) Specials + Offers: 1TB cloud storage "BackupHD 1T SE2019" for free
   in the 1st year

As a limited offer you'll now get 1TB Cloud-Storage "BackupHD 1T SE2019"
for free in the first year. In the second year, the regular fees will apply
for this plan.

The "BackupHD 1T SE2019" is ideal for online backups and useful as Data
storage for music, videos, photos or other files and offers following
advantages and features:

   - Encrypted access via FTP / FTPS, Rsync, Web Client or WebDAV
   - Storage in our own 100% German data center in Jena / Thuringia
   - upload and download any number of files
   - no traffic restrictions
   - Support of all common backup software
   - Upgrades of memory size without data loss

Get more information here:

4) Service + Support #2: Limited EUserv Phone Support at Friday 20/09/2019

The World Children's Day on Friday, 20.09.2019 is celebrated in Thuringia
as a public holiday for the first time.

Please note, that EUserv Phone support is not available at this day.

During this time, support requests will be handled via the support system
in our customer panel. Customers with optional booked support SLAs are not
affected by the limited phone support.

Login to customer panel:

Kind regards,
EUserv customer service

 on: September 10, 2019, 08:04:55 AM 
Started by susanneateuserv - Last post by susanneateuserv
Dear Forum-Member,

EUserv now offers a new dedicated server series.

The "RTR Servers", where "RTR" stands for "Ready-to-Run", focus on dedicated servers with virtualization support and many IPv4, IPv6 addresses and IPv6 / 64 subnets.

"RTR" because the servers are immediately available and proved. In contrast to the "BTO"-Servers (Build-To-Order), the new "RTR" servers are already built and existing servers in the data center.

In general, the "RTR server" had a previous tenant, comparable to one-year-old used car and are therefore too young for the server marketplace. Furthermore, in contrast to the SMP servers, "RTR servers" also contain replacement devices.

"RTR servers" are, however characterized by their features:
* 20 IPv4 addresses
* 20 IPv6 addresses
* 20 IPv6 / 64 subnets routed to one of the 20 IPv6 addresses
These features that are important for virtualization applications re included with no additional monthly cost.

Furthermore, there is the "Failover-IP" service, which is otherwise reserved for the regular series such as "Instant64" or "Prime64". With failover IP, two servers can assign IP addresses to each other, so theoretically one server can bind a total of 39 IP addresses.

To avoid misuse of the IP addresses e.g. for short-term spamming, the "RTR servers" are only available in contract periods of 3 and 12 months. The contracts extend automatically. Termination notice is at 3 months at all terms, what means that the shortest (gross-) contract period amounts 6 months. (3 months contract period + 3 months termination notice)
Before we start of official advertising, there is the following very short-term launch-offer, where a maximum of two devices can be ordered:

For customers who are interested in the new RTR servers, we offer every RTR server for 5.95 EUR monthly costs (including German VAT) in the first 3 months until 22.9.2019.  After that, the servers will be charged with the regular price. When ordering the discount will appear as a credit on the regular price in the first 3 months. This special offer is valid until 22.9.2019

Discover all available RTR-Servers, features and prices here:

kind regards,

 on: July 30, 2019, 08:34:06 PM 
Started by Forum-Support2 - Last post by Forum-Support2
This topic has been moved to Operating systems & Admin software.

 on: July 30, 2019, 08:33:38 PM 
Started by Forum-Support2 - Last post by Forum-Support2
This topic has been moved to Operating systems & Admin software.

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