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Vps stuck at reinstalling and no control over vpses due to Queue ID being stuck


vServer VS2-free v2.1
IPv6: 2a02:0180:0006:0001:0000:0000:0000:0dfe
vServer VS2-free v2.1
IPv6: 2a02:0180:0006:0001:0000:0000:0000:0dfd
vServer VS2-free v2.1
IPv6: 2a02:0180:0006:0001:0000:0000:0000:0dfc

All stuck on reinstalling and turn off or on and webreboot unavailable with a Queue ID that has has already passed today.
and reinstallation doesn't wanna complete

Extra. Could the username be changed so it doesn't show my email address?


first of all a max. of ONE (1) VS2free is allowed. Keep in mind that an extension may limit this in future control panel versions.

If you do a Webreboot or similar during a reinstallation you will stop / interrupt the reinstallation and restart it again.

Many re-installations of VS2free servers take some time since the load of the VS2free - hostsystems is naturally very high. On the other hand the regular VS2 Servers will reinstall within a few minutes.

To avoid this behavior for VS2free it is recommended to do the following:

1.) Login to control panel.
2.) Select the contract.
3.) Go to "Ressources" Menu.
4.) Add more ressources (RAM or CPU or both).
5.) Wait until ressource upgrade was done.

During the ressource upgrade, the system will move you to a hostsystem, that has much more power and less load to guarantee the ordered ressources.

Please note:
Take care that all operations i.e. running installation were finished since the system will do so too.


1. i'm sorry i was given 3 contracts at registering. and all where renewable as normal.
2. i think there is a issue with debian templates when i tried ubuntu it only took 5 min to finish



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