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A dedicated server for the price of a VPS?



A dedicated server for the price of a VPS? A dedicated server hosted in Germany and that everybody can afford?

Over the last few months we have made many thoughts on how we can offer our customers such a dedicated server at a price of 5 EURO per month. After all, we host 100% in Germany so the costs for labor and electricity are accordingly higher. In addition we have some "green" -  claim in Thuringia - the green heart of Germany.

Since 2005 EUserv gained a lot of technical experience and special  KnowHow. Technically, we could offer such a server with our self-developed server chassis and our rack technology. The question is whether this is commercially worth it for us because of support requests, maintenance of operating systems or other services that are included in our current dedicated server offers.

To achieve this low price, we consistently have to save costs. That would mean a kind of minimization of dedicated server hosting at EUserv. Briefly: we need to remove a lot of features in this low cost server offers. This includes for example backup storage, IP addresses and/or specific professional features such as vKVM or IPv6 networks.

No one should expect performance wonders for this price but dedicated servers must run solid no matter how cheap they are. We have no intention to offer bad hardware but expensive server hardware would  drive up prices massively. We therefore want to build in new or as good as new standard hardware with attention to solid technique.

How about the Support?

A feature I would like to address separately is that we do not waive the technical and commercial support. We will offer easy support via email and phone, but we cannot support time heavy problems. We hope that every customer will understand and appreciate that.

Get your Server now!

Just try, if such a low-cost server works for you. EUserv starts (at first) with a limited contingent of these dedicated servers in the extreme low-cost range. The servers called "Misurfi LC" are hosted in our data center in Jena / Thuringia.

We hope that we can continue the development of the servers in cooperation with you and eventually reach success together.

We start with 2 models. All models are available with monthly contract term.

Click here to order your 5 EURO dedicated servert - hosted 100% in Germany:

kind regards,



The price for the "Misurfi LC" servers will slightly increase starting January 2017. The reasons are increased cost (for example charges for electricity in Germany).

For the three servers of the "Misurfi LC" series the following prices will apply:

* Misurfi LC5: increase from 5.95 to 9.52 EUR (VAT included)
* Misurfi LC10: increase from 11.90 to 14.28 EUR (VAT included)
* Misurfi LC15: increase from 17.85 to 19.04 EUR (VAT included)

We will announce and inform about the price increase in the next newsletter.

Customers who do not agree to the price increase have to cancel their server contracts via the customer panel until 2016/11/30 so that they are not charged after 2017/01/01.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the "Misurfi LC5" can no longer be ordered and the other two Misurfi LC servers will be integrated into the server market so thus the ordering possibility will be dropped soon.

If you want to have one of the previous "Misurfi LC" servers, then you should order immediately. Orders for the 3 models, which have already taken place, will still be processed.

kind regards,


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