New feature "Postinstall Scripts" available

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Author Topic: New feature "Postinstall Scripts" available  (Read 8616 times)

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New feature "Postinstall Scripts" available
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:21:27 PM »


the "Postinstall Script" - function for dedicated servers is now available in the customer panel.

What is the "Postinstall Script" - function?
This function enables the automated execution of a customer deposited Shell - program in our database,  after completion of a server installation.

How exactly does the "Postinstall Script" - function works?
The function consists of two parts:
The first part is the ability to create own Shell scripts, edit or delete them. The scripts can be deposit individually per server contract in the customer panel.

The second part is the ability to run one of the scripts  automatically after installation or re-installation of your server.

Which areas of application are available for the "Postinstall Script" - function?
You can include your own Postinstall Script for a re-installation of your server and specify which script shall perform with the first boot of the server. After starting the server, the selected script will run in a screen session in the background and runs the commands programmed automatically.

Possible application scenarios of this feature include eg the automated configuration of multiple identical servers (eg in the cluster network) or the execution of package updates after a (re) installation with subsequent reboot.

Overall, the primary function is the simplification and automation of tasks for a server-admin.

For which plans is the "Postinstall Script" -function available?
Currently, the function is available for all Linux OS in the following plans:

* Filer: all
* Filer Pro: all
* Pro64: all
* Prime64: all
* Pro64 Flex: all

For detailed instructions on how to apply the "Postinstall Script" - function, see our Wiki:

If the function is not visible in the customer panel menu in any of the above mentioned plans, please contact the support so they can check on your plan.

kind regards,
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