Premiere: Intel Xeon E3 "Skylake" - Processors

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Author Topic: Premiere: Intel Xeon E3 "Skylake" - Processors  (Read 11737 times)

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Premiere: Intel Xeon E3 "Skylake" - Processors
« on: December 02, 2015, 10:17:16 AM »


The new Intel E3-Processors "Skylake" are now available at!

As one of the first Hosting and Server Provider in Germany, EUserv offers the new Intel Xeon E3 Processors in the brand new 6th generation of the Server Series "Prime64".

What hardware - platform is used?

The "Prime64 v6" Servers have a Supermicro 1HE chassis with HotSwap hard drives, a Supermicro server mainboard, DDR4 ECC RAM and of course an Intel XEON E3 1230v5 CPU, which supports Hyper-Threading.

Each server with Hardware Raid 1?

Yes! All servers of the "Prime64 v6" series are provided with a Hardware Raid 1 controller of the manufacturer LSI/Avago. Each server in the default Raid 1 configuration can process a disk replacement without any downtime. Users of VMware or XENserver will be delighted by this special.

Compared to the previous Prime64 servers, EUserv exchanged the hard drives during operation. A previously performed server exchange because of a hard disk failures is thus eliminated.

Highspeed! Up to 1TB SSDs!

Next to the standard models with 2 TB and 4 TB hard drives, SSD models with 500GB and 1TB Samsung SSD's are available. So far in this price range we just had a few servers with SSD hard drives. Our tests and experiences of the last 5 years show that the SSD's have a very high reliability. SSD's are thus a very clear option compared to traditional hard drives.

Highspeed#2! How about the bandwidth?

We have increased the bandwidth of the new "Prime64" servers from previous 200MBit/s to 350Mbit/s. We guarantee this bandwidth in our Standard-Network-SLA including unmetered traffic without forced throttling.

What about IP addresses?

We observe the use of IPv4 addresses very carefully. We still have addresses available so we can include 20 IPv4 addresses in the new "Prime64 v6" series for each server contract free of charge. So if you plan projects with virtualization, the new servers are the best choice!

Join the premiere of the new "Prime64 v6" - Servers!

The overview of all new models and prices can be found here:

kind regards,


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