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Two new models in the Server Series "Prime64" in version 5



We added to new models to the Server series "Prime64" in version 5. With this, we first release  the latest CPU generation of the Intel Xeon E3 family (Version 3, Haswell). All servers are equipped with a Supermicro mainboard with ECC RAM and are compatible with VMware.

The two new models are:

"Prime64 SSD v5"
The server is equipped with a CPU Intel XEON E3 - 1270v3, 32GB ECC RAM and 2x 480 GB SSD's. The SSD's can be operated in the software RAID as long as it supports the operating system. The server is ideal for projects with high I/O workload or for virtualization.

"Prime64 XL v5"
The server is identically equipped like the "Prime64 SSD v5" related to the CPU and 4TB 2x SATA3 hard disks can be installed. Software RAID1 is also possible here. The server is very well suited for large data sets or virtualized environments that require more disk space inside the VM.

The servers can now be ordered at:

The server Prime64 M v4 (version 2012) is a server at favorable price of the Prime64 series and continues to be ordered. The server Prime64 v4 SSD is no longer available with the model upgrade. You can find an overview of all current Prime64 models here:

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