Waived Setup Fee for Prime64 Servers / New Top Level Domains / New Bank Account

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Author Topic: Waived Setup Fee for Prime64 Servers / New Top Level Domains / New Bank Account  (Read 5973 times)

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Susanne Frank

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1) Server Promotion: Save up to 99,- EUR setup fee for a „Prime64 v6“
2) Service & Support: New bank details
3) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

1) Server Promotion: Save up to 99,- EUR setup fee for a „Prime64 v6“

The new generation of the server series "Prime64" is based on the new Intel
Xeon E3 processors that support Hyper-Threading. EUserv prepared all models
with 1U chassis and reliable Supermicro motherboards. Therefore, the new
Prime64 server  is suitable for small to medium sized companies who need a
dedicated server for their applications and do not want to have any effort
with additional work with the hardware.

All models in the series "Prime64 v6" are equipped with DDR4 ECC RAM and a
LSI hardware RAID1 controller that enables a HotSwap - HDD exchange with
subsequent data recovery without downtime. In addition to the standard
models with conventional 2 and 4 TB hard drives the SSD models with 500GB
and 1TB Samsung SSD's offer speed advantages in I/O-intensive applications.

Key features of  the Prime64 v6 server series are:
================================================== ===

- 20 free IPv4 addresses (max. 50 IPv4 addresses per server possible)
- Guaranteed 350 Mbit/s connection bandwidth including traffic flatrate
- Reliable network connectivity through Cisco Layer2 and Layer3 - Switches
- Maximum availability through Hot-swappable hard drives
- Automatic RAID1 rebuild (if configured)
- including a 32 GB USB flash drive as external storage media

All server plans of the Prime64 series can be found at:

2) Service & Support: New bank account!

Please note EUserv's new bank account. As of now, please use our new bank
account for the payment of your invoice or credit requests. Please also
take this change in consideration for standing orders or templates for your
future bank transfers to EUserv.

Where can I find EUserv's new bank account?
You can find the new bank account on each new invoice or in the customer
panel at the menu "Customer Account / Invoices".

3) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available

Are you still looking for an available domain? EUserv expended the offer of
new Top Level Domains (nTLDs)! Set yourself apart from other, similar
sounding websites or give your website a personal touch with a new Top
Level Domain.

These new domains can be ordered now via the EUserv customer panel or

   .click – Offensive and self-explanatory

   .news  – If you want to transmit the latest news to your readers

   .one   – Show others who the number one is

   .link  - Ideal if you  (e. g. as a portal operator) want to provide link


Use the new domains to complement already existing websites or rather to
send Emails under your quite individual name.

nTLDs are have their respective merits:

- effective
- easy to remember
- self-descriptive
- easy to find
- differentiation from the competition

Check the availability of your desired domain name:

*********** SSD VPS series with full root / admin access ***********

The VPS of the SSD series are virtualized Linux root servers with full
Administrator access, based on the proven Linux-based OpenVZ Virtualization
technology. They are hosted on servers in the EUserv data center and offer
the following key features:

   - Fast memory with high I/O performance by SSD technology
   - 200MBit Traffic flatrate
   - Many ready-to-run Linux operating systems to choose from
   - TUN / TAP devices for VPN available
   - FUSE Support

More information and order at: http://go.euserv.org/dO

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