Last Call: VPS Winter Edition / Failover-IP / nTLDs / SSL-Security Vulnerability

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Author Topic: Last Call: VPS Winter Edition / Failover-IP / nTLDs / SSL-Security Vulnerability  (Read 6389 times)

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Susanne Frank

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1) Specials + Offers: “VPS Pro XL Winter Edition 2016” just available until
   March 22nd 2016
2) Server News: Failover-IP Service available
3) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available
4) Security News: Vulnerability in TLS / SSL protocol
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1) Specials + Offers: “VPS Pro XL Winter Edition 2016” just available until
   March 22nd 2016

Last Call: EUserv's limited "vServer Pro XL Winter Edition 2016" is just
available until March 22nd 2016!

The VPS-Plan "Pro XL Winter Edition 2016" is based on the offer "VPS Pro
XL" and added with IP addresses and backup storage. The "VPS Pro XL WE
2016" is ideal for the hosting of multiple websites or shops, or even for
use as a mail server. With its 6 IP addresses it also allows to be used as
a VPN gateway for private or business customers.

If you sign longer contract periods, EUserv offers massive discount

   * 6 month contract: 14,95 EUR / month
   * 12 months contract: 9,95 EUR / month
   * 24 month contract: 7,95 EUR / month

Technical details:

   * virtualized Rootserver with 2 vCores
   * 8 GB RAM + 400 GB Diskspace
   * 200 GB free Backup-Space
   * 100 Mbit unmetered traffic
   * 6x free IPv4 addresses incl. RDNS
   * Hosting inside EUserv Datacenter Germany

The offer addresses new and existing customers. Existing customers with
existing VPS contracts should check whether an upgrade to the "vServer XL
Pro Winter 2016 Edition" is possible via EUserv customer panel. Especially
for users of the VPS Trial this offer is an ideal upgrade!

More information and order:

2) Server News: Failover-IP Service available

When using two or more servers within the EUserv datacenter it may be
necessary that an IP address has to be used on multiple servers. This
function can be implemented immediately with the EUserv Failover-IP

What is the Failover-IP service?

A Co-IP address is always bound via MAC address and assigned IP to a
dedicated server. With the Failover-IP service it is possible to use one or
more IP addresses of a server on one or more additional servers within a
customer account (=customer ID). So the affected IP address and the
underlaying internet services can kept online without DNS changes.

What are the advantages of the Failover-IP Service?

   - Load sharing across multiple servers
   - Distribution of operation and moving of VPS (virtual servers)
   - Temporary operating services on a second server,
     for example: Server-Exchange
   - Avoiding failure scenarios by moving on Hotstandby server
   - Load sharing when operating several websites

Requirements for the use of the Failover-IP service are:

   - Server with Failover-IP support can connect an IP address maximal to a

     second server in the same customer account.
   - Both servers must support the Failover-IP function.
   - Server with enabled Pro Option can connect Failover-IP's to more than
     one other server.
   - Main IP addresses can not be used for the Failover-IP service.

What fees apply for the Failover-IP?

A Failover-IP costs 3,57 € per month and can be ordered via the IP address
management in the customer panel.

More about the Failover-IP Service:

3) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available

Happy Women's Day to all of our female Newsletter subscriber! Have a nice
day, relax and let the work do the men today.
Perhaps it's an opportune moment to look for one of EUserv's new Top Level
Domains (nTLDs) particularly suitable for women.   

The new domain endings below are now available to order via EUserv Customer
panel or the EUserv website:

   .DIAMONDS – It needs no further words

   .CLOTHING   – One of the favorite hobbies of a woman!

   .SEXY   - Show what you are!

   .PARTY - To celebrate good times!

Use the new domains to complement already existing websites or rather to
send Emails under your quite individual name.
The new domain endings are available to order via EUserv Customer panel or
the EUserv website.

nTLDs have their respective preferences:

   - effective
   - easy to remember
   - self-descriptive
   - easy to find
   - differentiation from the competition

Check the availability of your desired domain name:

************************** Star Your own Blog **************************

You want to start your own private blog? With the hosting plan
"Active Pro" from EUserv you will get 20GB of storage space with reliable
Traffic flatrate, 2 desired domains included and pre-configured software
such as WordPress or Joomla!

Please find all the information here:


4) Security News: Vulnerability in TLS / SSL protocol

Security experts are warning about a new vulnerability (CVE-2016-0800) in
the TLS / SSL protocol. Affected are servers  using the Web History
protocol SSLv2 released in the 1990s. Under the name DROWN (Decrypting RSA
with Obsolete and Weakened Encryption) cross-protocol attacks which allow
the interception of transmitted data traffic via supposedly encrypted
connections (HTTPS) could be executed. Under these circumstances offenders
may potentially spy out sensitive data such as passwords, user names and
credit card information.

Vulnerable are servers sharing the same public key for multiple services
and still allow SSLv2 at the same time. By multiple use of the same key
also TLS-protected servers are vulnerable if another server in the network
still allows SSLv2.

To secure your server from DROWN admins should respond quickly and verify
their HTTPS / SSL implementations and update if necessary, to ensure that
their private keys are not used with server software that allows SSLv2

Users of OpenSSL 1.0.2 should update to version 1.0.2g, that disables SSLv2
in Translation. Those, who use OpenSSL 1.0.1 should upgrade to 1.0.1s. If
in doubt server administrators using Postfix, Nginx, Apache and others are
advised to disable SSLv2 by configuration.

More information:
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