Upgrade your webspace to PHP7 / Add external domains / CentOS 7.2 as VNC-install

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Author Topic: Upgrade your webspace to PHP7 / Add external domains / CentOS 7.2 as VNC-install  (Read 7578 times)

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1) Specials + Offers: Setup-Special for .EU MailDomains
2) Webspace News: Why you should upgrade to PHP 7 now
3) How to use your webspace: Add external hosted domains
4) Server News: CentOS 7.2 available as VNC-Installation


1) Specials + Offers: Setup-Special for .EU MailDomains

According to the EUserv "EM Editions 2016" you can order a full .EU Internet address with 25 associated email accounts in the plan "MailDomain Pro" without any setup fee just for a short term only.

With low priced EUR 2.79 per month you can individually and professionally send and receive emails with your own European Top Level Domain .EU. The popular TLD .EU is the ccTLD for companies, organizations and individuals resident in the European Union and is particularly suitable for pan-European companies, in order to underline their international

Of course you can order many other domain extensions with EUserv's “MailDOmain Pro” plan for a flexible email communication including personal email addresses and mailboxes.

The plan "MailDomain Pro" includes:
- Your desired domain
- 250 domain redirections
- 25 email accounts
- 10 GB email storage
- 2500 email addresses and forwarding including Wildcard
- Name Server Management via web frontend
- Unlimited number of DNS entries
- "DynDNS" service, for intrusion on dynamic IPs
- SPAM and virus protection, SSL encryption
- free Domain transfer to EUserv
- Guaranteed fixed price over whole contract period

Order your .EU MailDomain for a special price at EUserv:

******************** More EM Editions 2016 promotions ********************

Did you miss the last EUserv Newsletter? Then you can read more about the currently limited virtual and dedicated servers of EUserv's EM-Edition 2016":

All of these EM-Edition models offer an interesting special equipment and score with attractive price advantages for conclusion longer contract periods.


2) Webspace News: Why you should upgrade to PHP 7 now

Already since the beginning of the year PHP 7 - the latest version of the popular scripting language - is available for every EUserv Webhosting plan including PHP-support. The previous PHP 5.6 version will be the last release of PHP 5 and only be supported until 2016, August 28th and provided with security updates until 2017, August 28th. Consequently, developers should still ensure that their software runs on PHP 7 during the rest of the year.

A clearly perceptible speed increase (PHP 7 is about twice as fast as PHP 5.6 and 14 times faster than PHP 5.0) is certainly the main argument in order to switch your own webproject to PHP 7 as soon as possible. In addition some more new features and changes provide good reasons to upgrade - like the economical memory usage.

Among other things two new operators "??" ("Null
coalescing operator" - a ternary operator in association with isset()) and "" ("Spaceship Operator" - to compare two expressions) are released. Furthermore PHP 7 now allows the definition of anonymous classes.

Because basic behavior of the language PHP has not changed, most of the common applications such as WordPress and Drupal run without any modification under PHP 7, too. Necessary adjustments in applications that previously ran with current versions of PHP are still limited. Only existing waste deposits like ASP tags, Script-Tags and already marked „deprecated“ extensions and functions like ext/mysql and ext/ereg need for action.

So everybody preparing his code for PHP 7 now, for example by removing mysql_* - functions, will benefit from a stress-free migration by the end of this year.

An upgrade to PHP 7 is globally possible for your entire Webhosting Plans via EUserv Customer Panel by using the feature "PHP Configurator".

Learn more about EUserv's Web Hosting Plans:

3) How to use your Webspace: Add external hosted domains

If you booked one of EUserv's web hosting plans "Active Pro", "Exclusive" or "Exclusive Pro" you'll have the possibility to add external hosted domains to your EUserv webspace for free.

Furthermore this feature offers advantages especially for resellers. They may add domains of their customers to an EUserv webhosting plan, even if the customer domains are in a contractual relationship with another provider.

Number of external hosted domains to add per plan:
- "Active Pro": 5 Domains
- "Exclusive": 10 Domains
- "Exclusive Pro": 20 Domains

The administration of adding external domains is possible via EUserv customer panel:

4) Server News: CentOS 7.2 available as VNC-Installation

For the operating system CentOS 7.2 EUserv now offers the convenient installation via VNC (Virtual Network Computing). VNC is a software that displays the screen content of a remote computer (server) on a local computer (client) and returns keyboard and mouse movements of the client to the remote computer. Using VNC a remote server can be installed from a distance as sitting in front of it.

Now the operating system CentOS 7.2 for example can be installed and customized on your server with the help of a graphical installation wizard. For this kind of installation a VNC viewer is required.
EUserv recommends inter alia the Viewer UltraVNC or RealVNC for any Windows users. For Linux you may use for example Vinagre or TightVNC.

To install CentOS via VNC on your server, please log in to EUserv's Customer Panel.

More operating systems for dedicated servers available via VNC installation can be found here:
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