1TB Cloud-Storage / IPv6-Upgrade / nTLDs / IANA Transition Milestone

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Author Topic: 1TB Cloud-Storage / IPv6-Upgrade / nTLDs / IANA Transition Milestone  (Read 16045 times)

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Susanne Frank

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1) Specials + Offers: 1000 GB Cloud-Storage „BackupHD Olympia
   Edition 2016“ still available until 18 September 2016
2) Service + Support News: Customer Panel Update offers IPv6-Upgrade
3) Domain News #1: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available
4) Domain News #2: IANA functions contract expires as of October 1st, 2016


1) Specials + Offers: 1000 GB Cloud-Storage „BackupHD Olympia
   Edition 2016“ still available until 18 September 2016

Looking for an option to store your data, photos or music with secure
access at any time? Then hit the spot and store your data in the EUserv
cloud. In the context of the Olympic Summer Games EUserv offers 1000 GB
„BackupHD Olympia Edition 2016“ with secure access at any time at a special

Look and see the benefits and features of "BackupHD Olympia Edition":
   * 1.000 GByte Online-Storage
   * accessable via encrypted rsync, FTP, WebDAV or just a graphical
     web client
   * stored at EUserv's self owned and managed 100% German datacenter
     in Jena/Thuringia
   * upload and download as many files as you like
   * unlimited traffic
   * supports any popular data protection software
   * upgrade your plan at any time without re-import your backup data
   * 3 or 12 month possible contract terms
   * free setup for 12 months contract terms
   * reduced monthly fees for the entire contract term

More information and order:

2) Service + Support News: Customer Panel Update offers IPv6 - Upgrade

Within a recent update of the Customer Panel EUserv now offers as much IPv6
addresses as IPv4 addresses included in your plan for customers running
dedicated servers.

For the server plan „Prime64 M32 v5 EM-Edition 2016“ this means for
Beside the included 30 IPv4 addresses you now also get 30 IPv6 addresses
free of charge on top. Optionally you may assign up to 50 IPv4 addresses as
well as up to 50 IPv6 addresses to your server.

The current server plans are already upgraded in the EUserv database. If
your plan is absent and you don't have the possibility to assign additional
IPv6 addresses via Customer Panel please contact EUserv support. Please
note, the upgrade of IPv6 addresses is offered independent of IPv6
netblocks that may be included according to the specific plan.

As a further service EUserv now offers the possibility to setup  VMware
compatible Mac-Addresses. Domain owner will now benefit from automated
Handle-Updates, after modifying their customer data via EUserv Customer

According to the different plan these new features are now available:
   - Set up und delete Co-IPv6 addresses
   - RDNS-Management für Co-IPv6 addresses
   - Set up  VMware compatible Mac-Addresses
   - Automated Handle-Updates after modifying customer data

Login to EUserv Customer Panel: https://support.euserv.com

Please get details about the special offer „Prime64 M32 v5 EM-Edition 2016“

3) Domain News #1: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available

The large variety of new Top-Level-Domains (nTLDs) not only allows private
individuals many alternative domain combinations but also companies.
Services can be placed more precisely according to the specific target
groups by the additional information included in the nTLD such as .wien or
.berlin with a clear local reference.

Companies may also register nTLDs to specify their offers. For example
.clothing, .photography, .science or .technology provide exact information
about products and services for users and search engines. Last but not
least the new domains are a good alternative for those who couldn't get
their preferred address under the common domains .de, .com, .net or .org.
The nTLDs are also suitable to complement already existing websites or
rather to send Emails under your quite individual name.

Are you looking for a free or alternative domain for your company? What






All these domains are available via EUserv website or  Customer Panel.

Check the availability of your desired domain name now:

4) Domain News #2: IANA functions contract expires as of October 1st, 2016

Recently a milestone regarding the process to consign administration of the
Internet Domain Name System in private hands could be reached. The National
Telecommunications & Information Administration of the US-Department of
Commerce (NTIA) intends to allow the IANA functions contract to expire as
of October 1, 2016. Before NTIA received an implementation status report on
the IANA stewardship transition from the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN). In the report, ICANN confirms that all the
required transition tasks are completed or will be complete in advance of
September 30, 2016.

For common users the planned modifications of IANA transition won't have
any effects. Domain-Names will be conserved as before. Regarding political
aspects expiring of IANA functions contract paves the way for a new model
of future network administration, because US-Government won't directly
influence any changes regarding the Root Zone.

Please feel free to get more information about IANA-Transition here:

Learn more about EUserv's Domain Plans:
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