EUserv´s Server Market starts!

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Author Topic: EUserv´s Server Market starts!  (Read 10446 times)

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EUserv´s Server Market starts!
« on: October 10, 2016, 02:44:57 PM »

Hello List Members,

EUserv´s "Server Market" starts right now under

What is the "Server Market"?

The Server Market offers discounted server models, which can not be included in existing server series or which are published by EUserv as a special action or servers which have been custom-made for a customer project and are now available to other customers after termination as well as servers that are produced separately and once for the server market.

What is so special about the Server Market?

The special features of the EUserv Server Market are:

* All servers are immediately available and will be released immediately after payment. If the servers are single units and two servers are ordered at the same time, the "First Come - First Serve" principle applies.

* All servers are offered discounted, so if similar hardware is available in another server series, it will usually be cheaper on the Server Market.

* No server will be re-produced: If the server is sold out, it is sold out. Any interested customer should therefore order immediately in order to secure the server.

* Contract Term: There are different contract terms for different server models. The contract terms are fix and can not be changed later.

* Discounts: Usually there are discounts for longer contract terms/ prepayment periods. These discounts apply permanently, i.e. over the entire contract term until termination.

What plans are offered?

There is a plan with 100Mbit connection and unmetered bandwidth called"100Mbit - Edition" and a plan with 1Gbit connection and unmetered bandwidth called "1Gbit - Edition". The "1Gbit-Edition" has advanced functions, such as the possibility to book additional IP addresses.

What are the options when a server is sold out?

No options. When a server is sold out, it automatically "disappears" from the website.

How can I find out more about the latest servers?

Each new Market offer automatically appears on the website and can then be ordered and will be delivered immediately. We also post new offers on Twitter. Any interested customer should therefore subscribe to the EUserv Twitter Channel:

kind regards,

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