Use own nameservers for domains / .EU domain for 1 EUR in first year / nTLDs

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Author Topic: Use own nameservers for domains / .EU domain for 1 EUR in first year / nTLDs  (Read 4848 times)

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Susanne Frank

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1) Specials + Offers: .EU-Domains for 1 EUR in the first year
2) Domain News #1: New feature to use your own nameservers now
3) Domain News #2: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available
4) Support News: Wiki Guide "How to create a backup with Linux
   Rescue System"


1) Specials + Offers: .EU-Domains for 1 EUR in the first year

   Plan "Domain Pro" offers .EU Domains for 1 EUR in first year

The popular TLD .EU is the ccTLD for companies, organizations and
individuals resident in the European Union and is particularly suitable for
pan-European companies, in order to underline their international

Use EUserv Domaincheck to see if your preferred domain is still available.
Then register your .EU-domain in EUserv plan „Domain Pro“ without any
setup-fee and for only 1 EUR in the first year. The standard price of 16,68
EUR/year is valid from the second year onwards. "Domain Pro" plan offers a
graphical DNS-administration tool to afford the opportunity to add DNS
entries to an IP-address of an external server. Also it is possible to
create an own mailserver with MX entry in domain zone. Furthermore the plan
includes the option to redirect domains to any forward address.

Get your .EU-Domain for 1 EUR in the first year here:

Share this Special also with your friends on Facebook:

2) Domain News #1: New feature to use your own nameservers now

As announced, a new module integrated to EUserv customer panel now allows
using your own (external) nameservers for domains managed by EUserv. With
this new feature, we meet our customer's demands.

The entered nameservers will be registered in the zone of the relevant
registry. According to the requirements of the registries, as eg. DENIC,
you'll have to state at least two own (external) nameservers. After
registration, you can manage the DNS zone for the corresponding domain by
yourself. Using your own nameservers offers a high degree of flexibility,
especially for domain owners, who use their domain for a website which is
hosted by another provider or who demand features EUserv currently does not
offer. By using your own (external) nameservers you are now able to use
your individual or even external functions and features outside the EUserv
portfolio but your domain can still be managed by EUserv. The module is
integrated free of charge into the domain plan "Domain Pro".

Please note that running own nameservers requires sufficient technical
knowledge, to guarantee that all services operating under your domain are
accessible regularly. The function is currently still in beta status and
may have minor errors or delays.

As always, we appreciate feedback in the forum

Login to customer panel:

************* Server-Marketplace Special-Offer *************

    Rootserver "SMP12913-SSD-M" - While stocks last
     - Intel Celeron J1800 (ASUS); 2,41 Ghz; 2 Cores
     - 4 GB RAM; 1x 120 GB SSD; 1x IPv4, 1x IPv6
     - 100 Mbit connection; unlimited/unmetered bandwidth

    Available with 1 month contract term for monthly 17,85 EUR
    without setup-fee:


3) Domain News #2: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available

EUserv offers a large selection of more than 130 Domains - gTLD's as well
as nTLD's for you to find the perfect web address. So are you still looking
for an available domain? This nTLDs are now available via EUserv customer
panel or website:

This favourable domain extension is suitable for websites of all types,
increases the attention of users and allows more precise URLs.

One of the most popular new domain endings, which allows a particularly
concise web address for all kinds of clubs. Whether sports association,
consortium or member club - with this nTLD you will surely win all
attention in the www!

This is a short catchy phrase that we use regularly to mention a variety of
things and this is the reason why anyone can use .xyz for any purpose.

This new Top-Level Domain makes it easy for your website visitors to know
exactly what you are offering, allowing you to get your message across much

Use the new domains to complement already existing websites or rather to
send Emails under your quite individual name.

Check the availability of your desired domain name now:

By the way:
You can check and order your desired domain comfortably with your
smartphone or tablet via our EUserv Android App, too.

Download EUserv App now:

4) Support News: Wiki Guide "How to create a backup with Linux
   Rescue System"

The helpful function Rescue System enables you connecting to your server,
for example if an operating system installation is not successful or if the
server is not accessible via the usual way. After started rescue mode, you
can perform a backup of your user and configuration settings.

Our Wiki Guide "Creating a backup with the Linux Rescue System" leads you
through the whole Backup step by step.

The complete guide can be found here:

******************** VPS Pro XL Winter Edition 2017 *********************
        - Dual Core vCPU with 2x 1,5 GHz
        - 8 GB RAM, 400 GB harddisk & Traffic-Flatrate
        - 6 IPv4/IPv6-Addresses & 200 GB FTP-Backup storage

  Discover EUserv "Winter Edition 2017":

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