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Intel Xeon X3220   2,4 GHz Cores: 4   - 8 GB RAM 1x 2000 GB SATA 1 month   19,04 EUR   0,00 EUR

There was a server briefly available in marketplace with the above config, It was ordered very soon after being available so I missed out and I was wondering if any more like it are possible?


all Server at Marketplace are limited, so please be patient until your model is free or available again.
If you have a hardware suggestion _other_ than an existing config but similar, please feel free to post it here.

In your case a Intel Q6600 is similar to a XEON X3220, so this may an alternative config.

kind regards,

Yes anything that's similar in power and cores would be fine

along with 8GB ram / 1 or 2TB HDD / @ 19-20 euro/m


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