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1) Specials + Offers: Limited EUserv "Winter-Edition 2017"
2) Domain News: New Wiki "How to use own nameservers for domains"
3) Service + Support News: New features and transaction-fees for
paying with PayPal
4) Coupons + Vouchers: Give your friends up to 99 EUR setup-fee

1) Specials + Offers: Limited EUserv "Winter-Edition 2017"

EUserv's limited "Winter Edition 2017" is still available until March 21st, 2017 and provides a wide choice of limited Servers, VPS and Cloud offers. Not only snow lovers but also cold grousers will be convinced of the interesting additional and special equipment as well as the attractive technical highlights of these Specials: http://go.euserv.org/nK

All of the "Winter Edition 2017" offers in an overview:

"VPS Pro XL Winter-Edition 2017" starting at 7,95 EUR monthly

- Dual Core vCPU with 2x 1,5 GHz
- 8 GB RAM, 400 GB Harddisk & Traffic-Flatrate
- 6 IPv4/IPv6-Addresses & 200 GB FTP-Backupspeicher

More information and order: http://go.euserv.org/nL

Dedicated servers, e.g. "WE2017-12904-12" for 60,- EUR monthly

- Intel Xeon E3-1231v3; 3,4 GHz; 4 Cores
- 32 GB RAM & 2x 3000 GB SATA HW Raid1; Traffic-Flatrate
- 30 IPv4/IPv6-Addresses & 2000 GB FTP-Backup

More information and order: http://go.euserv.org/nM

Online-Storage "BackupHD WE 2017" for a special price

- 1.000 GByte Online-Storage
- accessable via encrypted rsync, FTP, WebDAV or just a graphical
web client
- stored at EUserv's self owned and managed 100% German datacenter
in Jena/Thuringia
- upload and download as many files as you like
- unlimited traffic
- supports any popular data protection software
- upgrade your plan at any time without re-import your backup data
- 3 or 12 month possible contract terms
- free setup for 12 months contract terms
- reduced monthly fees for the entire contract term

More information and order: http://go.euserv.org/nN

Share this Special also with your friends on Facebook:

2) Domain News: New Wiki "How to use own nameservers for domains"

For plan "DomainPro" a module now integrated to EUserv customer panel allows using your own (external) nameservers for domains managed by EUserv. The entered nameservers will be registered in the zone of the relevant registry.

Using your own nameservers offers a high degree of flexibility, especially for domain owners, who use their domain for a website which is hosted by another provider or who demand features EUserv currently does not offer. By using your own (external) nameservers you are able to use individual or even external functions and features outside the EUserv portfolio but your domain can still be managed by EUserv.

A step-by-step Wiki HowTo describes how to use own nameservers for your domains and how to restore standard nameservers:

**************** .EU-Domains for 1 EUR in the first year ****************

Get your .EU-domain in EUserv plan "Domain Pro" without any setup-fee and for only 1 EUR in the first year. The standard price of 16,68 EUR/year is valid from the second year onwards. The popular TLD .EU is the ccTLD for companies, organizations and individuals resident in the European Union.

Get your .EU-Domain here: http://go.euserv.org/nJ


3) Service + Support News: New features and transaction-fees for
paying with PayPal

Fill-Up your customer account with PayPal:
In Euserv's customer panel a new option to fill-up your account is available for payment method "PayPal". Thereby you get the possibility to deposit an amount to your EUserv account whenever you like regardless if there are any unpaid invoices or not. This may provide an alternative solution to bridge holidays and to avoid outstanding money for your services. New invoices will be settled automatically from your customer account.

Transaction-fees for paying with PayPal:
As of now EUserv will bequeath the incurring PayPal
transaction-fees to all the customers using this payment method. For fairness reasons we won't allocate these costs to our product prices. Only customers using PayPal for their settlements will have to pay the appropriate fees.

You pay with PayPal? Please note the following advices:
The PayPal transaction fee vary according to country and invoice amount. EUserv figures the definite sum of the incurring PayPal-fees during the payment-process in the customer panel. If you are using PayPal please ensure that the assigned country in EUserv's customer panel is according with the country stored in your PayPal account to guarantee a correct charging.

How to pay your EUserv invoices with PayPal is explained here:

Which alternatives exempt from charges does EUserv offer?
Bank transfer is still available as an alternative exempt from charges for any EUserv customer. Furthermore customers based in Germany may also pay via Direct Debit.

************* Server-Marketplace Special-Offer *************

Rootserver "SMP12888-M" - While stocks last

- AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (MSI); 2,8 Ghz; 6 Cores
- 16 GB RAM; 2x 1000 GB SATA HDD; 1x IPv4, 1x IPv6
- 100 Mbit connection; unlimited/unmetered bandwidth

Available with 1 month contract term for monthly 28,56 EUR
without setup-fee: http://go.euserv.org/nP


4) Coupons + Vouchers: Give your friends up to 99 EUR setup-fee

Your friends should also get to know EUserv? Then give them up to 99 EUR Setup fee! How? Quite simple: Send them an EUserv coupon which enables them to order a dedicated server without any setup fee.

To send the coupon, please log in to the EUserv customer panel and click "Coupons" in the left-hand menu bar. Then select the coupon program "FreeSetup-DediServer". By clicking the button "send" a corresponding Email form is available where you may simply enter the recipients name and Email address as well as a short personal message. Then send the coupon Email by clicking on the button "Send coupon".

Please note:
The coupon can only be sent 3 times. So, please think carefully whom to surprise on this way.

Login to customer panel: https://support.euserv.com
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