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New installation system for dedicated servers



In the past few months, EUserv has developed a new system (version 2) for the installation of the operating systems in the background of dedicated servers. This system is modular and thus more flexible than the previous installation system.

In the future, this will lead to a better and faster deployment of new operating systems for servers, as well as better customizing such as individual partition layouts.

In the next step, we will collect initial experiences together with you as a customer and evaluate them.

In the customer panel, the operating systems based on the new installation system are marked with the abbreviation "v2" for a certain time. In most cases, the OS will be visible in the beta status area. (This is the status of the installation process, not the status of the operating system itself.)

As first operating system based on the install system v2, the recently released CentOS 6.9 is available as a minimum and Raid1 variant.


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