.EU Domain for 1 EUR in 1. year / New OS-Installsystem available / Improvements

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Author Topic: .EU Domain for 1 EUR in 1. year / New OS-Installsystem available / Improvements  (Read 9635 times)

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Susanne Frank

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1) Specials + Offers: .EU-Domains for 1 EUR in the first year
2) Service + Support #1: New OS Installation system available for
   dedicated servers
3) Service + Support #2: Improvements in EUserv customer panel
4) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available


1) Specials + Offers: .EU-Domains for 1 EUR in the first year

   Plan "Domain Pro" offers .EU Domains for 1 EUR in first year

The popular TLD .EU is the ccTLD for companies, organizations and
individuals resident in the European Union and is particularly suitable for
pan-European companies, in order to underline their international

Use EUserv Domaincheck to see if your preferred domain is still available.
Then register your .EU-domain in EUserv plan „Domain Pro“ without any
setup-fee and for only 1 EUR in the first year. The standard price of 16,68
EUR/year is valid from the second year onwards. "Domain Pro" plan offers a
graphical DNS-administration tool to afford the opportunity to add DNS
entries to an IP-address of an external server. Also it is possible to
create an own mailserver with MX entry in domain zone. Furthermore the plan
includes the option to redirect domains to any forward address.

Get your .EU-Domain for 1 EUR in the first year here:

2) Service + Support #1: New OS Installation system available for
   dedicated servers

EUserv now offers a new system (version 2) for all operators and
administrators of dedicated servers to install operating systems. Thanks to
its modular design, this system is much more flexible than the previous
installation system, and will enable a more efficient and faster deployment
of the latest released operating systems as well as an improved
customizing, e.g. individual partition layouts for servers.

All of the operating systems based on the new installation system are
labeled with the abbreviation "v2" in EUserv customer panel. As the first
"v2" operating system, the recently released CentOS 6.9 is now available as
minimal and Raid1 installation and visible in the beta status area, while
beta means the status of the installation process and not the status of the
operating system itself.

An overview of all the operating systems for dedicated servers offered by
EUserv can be found here:

Experience reports, suggestions for improvement, questions and feedback
regarding the new installation system are always welcome in the EUserv

************* Server-Marketplace Special-Offer *************

    Rootserver "SMP12898-M" - While stocks last

  - AMD Athlon X2 BE2350 (MSI); 2 GHz; 2 Cores
  - 4 GB RAM; 2x 250 GB SATA HDD; 1x IPv4, 1x IPv6
  - 100 Mbit connection; unlimited/unmetered bandwidth

Available with 1 month contract term for monthly 15,47 EUR
without any setup-fee: http://go.euserv.org/pb


3) Service + Support #2: Improvements in EUserv customer panel

Nameserver check fulfills DENIC-Standards
Due to an update of EUserv customer panel, the nameserver check has been
expanded and now fulfills the DENIC standard. For plan "DomainPro" a module
now integrated to EUserv customer panel allows using your own (external)
nameservers for domains managed by EUserv. The entered nameservers will be
registered in the zone of the relevant registry.

Using your own nameservers offers a high degree of flexibility, especially
for domain owners, who use their domain for a website which is hosted by
another provider or who demand features EUserv currently does not offer. By
using your own (external) nameservers you are able to use individual or
even external functions and features outside the EUserv portfolio but your
domain can still be managed by EUserv.

A step-by-step Wiki HowTo describes how to use own nameservers for your
domains and how to restore standard nameservers:

Acceptance of "+" as email forward address
Besides due to the customer panel update it is now possible to set up a
forwarding on + alias email addresses if this function is supported by the
mailserver of the destination address. What + alias addresses are and how
they may help in combination with folders or filters to keep your inbox
clean, you can find out in the EUserv Blog:


Detailed improvements for "EUserv Hosting Resellers":
EUserv also realized some improvements for "EUserv Hosting Resellers" (EHR)
in context of the recent customer panel update.
Do you operate as a web agency, a system house or a trade forum, or are you
a webdesigner or stay in customer contact otherwise? Then become an "EUserv
Hosting Reseller" and distribute the reliable EUserv hosting services
directly to your customers.

Contact to EHR-Support:

4) Domain News: New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) available

Are you still looking for an available domain? The new domain
endings below are now available to order via EUserv Customer
panel or the EUserv website:

A suitable nTLD for websites dealing with the topics
photography, camera and photo equipment.

Do you have an own wiki database and like to share your knowledge
with others? Then .WIKI will be the right domain extension for you.

Draw attention with this domain ending to your products and discounts –
whether you are a company, a shop owner or a private seller.

This new Top Level Domain is dedicated to a large number of recipients in
the fashion sector and can be used by designers as well as by boutiques,
tailors and textile discount stores.

Use the new domains to complement already existing websites or rather to
send Emails under your quite individual name. The new domain endings are
available to order via EUserv Customer panel or the EUserv website.

Check the availability of your desired domain name:

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