Activation IPv6 network management for dedicated servers

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Author Topic: Activation IPv6 network management for dedicated servers  (Read 15959 times)

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Activation IPv6 network management for dedicated servers
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:50:45 AM »


With the recent changes to IPv6 routing in Datacenter Jena1, we are now releasing the automated IPv6 Network Block Management in the customer panel.

The function can be found in the customer panel -> Contract -> IPv6 addresses,  below the assigned IPv6 addresses as an extra section. It may be that an IPv6 network has already been assigned.

Detailed description:

With the new feature, you can now route IPv6 network blocks (currently /64) to the IPv6 addresses (/128) assigned to your server. It´s exactly 1x /64 IPv6 subnet per dedicated server by default. This removes the previous delays in semi-automatic routing processing for IPv6 networks.

An example:

You have already set up two /128 IPv6 addresses for your server via the customer panel and configured the server so that both IPv6 addresses can be reached.

With the new function for routing IPv6 subnets, you can now assign one /64 IPv6 subnet to one of the two IPv6 addresses. All requests to all IPv6 addresses in this subnet will now be routed via the IPv6 /128 IP address. This now acts as gateway for the /64 IPv6 subnet.

If this IPv6 address works as a FailoverIP with one or more other servers, and the Failover case occurs, the IPv6 network is also automatically re-routed without the need for manual intervention.

The administration and routing of the IPv6 network blocks is currently still in beta status and is processed 1-2 times a day which means, IPv6 network blocks assigned in the customer panel, are routed after processing.

Furthermore, the RDNS function for IPv6 subnets has been unlocked. With this feature, you can have your authoritative name servers for the IPv6 subnet registered at RIPE and then edit your entries within your name servers in the reverse zone.

kind regards,

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