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50x Winter-Server 2018 available



Since 10 years with the beginning of the cold season we publish our "Winter Server". In recent years, the "Winter Server" was sometimes available as a complete edition or as a VPS.

So also this year we proudly present our new "Winter-Server 2018" as strictly limited edition. For this anniversary, we use hardware based on the Intel "Kaby Lake" architecture. We decided to offer the "Winter Server 2018" for the same price as in 2007 although there are massive increases in costs for Electricity, Staff, Management and/or infrastructure.

Simultaneously with the "Winter-Server 2018" we are introducing a new bandwidth-type with 1Gbit connection.

The new "hybrid bandwidth" consists of unmeterd bandwidth, which means unlimited traffic and a mix of "guaranteed bandwidth" and "best effort bandwidth". The advantage of the "hybrid bandwidth" is that servers with this type of bandwidth can no longer be throttled in our network and use the full bandwidth at the switch port, if it is available on the network, free of charge.

The "Winter Server 2018" is limited to 50 pieces and can be used e.g. to replace an existing older "Winter Server". Therefore, we send this information to this mailing list before the official start of advertising. Experience shows that the servers are quickly sold out.

Details about the "Winter-Server 2018" can be found here:

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