Operating System OpenSUSE 13.1 available for VPS

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Author Topic: Operating System OpenSUSE 13.1 available for VPS  (Read 9350 times)

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Operating System OpenSUSE 13.1 available for VPS
« on: August 05, 2014, 05:14:27 PM »


As part of our updates this summer, OpenSuSE 13.1 for VPS is now available.

OpenSUSE 13.1, Code Name "Bottle" is now available for all VPS and installable via the customer panel in version 32bit and 64bit.

This release was officially declared to a LTS version and ensures support of the system with updates and patches for now at least 3 years.

With the current stable version, OpenSUSE comes with many updates. For the web server administrators the latest Apache, MySQL and MariaDB updates are included. For web developer an updated Ruby 2.0 on Rails is included. In addition, the latest PHP 5.4.2 is integrated with a built-in test server. In the field of network and cloud technology, the latest OpenStack Havana with almost 400 new features was introduced.

More features:

- LTS version with at least 3 years Support
- MariaDB as the default database
- Apache 2.4.6 with PHP 5.4.20
- openStack "Havana"
- supports Amazon "S3" thanks to s3fs

kind regards,

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