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Author Topic: SS Sale 2014/ OpenSuse 13.1/ OwnCloud 7/ Plesk 12/ PHP 5.5/ Plesk Licences  (Read 16512 times)

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1) Server News: Server Summer Sale 2014
2) VPS News#1: OpenSuSE 13.1 available
3) VPS News#2: OwnCloud 7 available
4) VPS News#3: Plesk 12 available
5) Hosting news: PHP 5.5 available
6) Server and VPS News: New Plesk licenses



1) Server News: Server Summer Sale 2014

Like last year we just started the "Summer Server Sale 2014" - special dedicated servers for a special price. The servers are limited to one server per customer, starting at 11,90 EUR per month. Setup fees are waived for this time range.

All models, prices and order under:

2) VPS News#1: OpenSuSE 13.1 available

As part of our updates this summer, OpenSuSE 13.1 for VPS is now available.

OpenSUSE 13.1, Code Name "Bottle" is now available for all VPS and installable via the customer panel in version 32bit and 64bit. This release was officially declared to a LTS version and ensures support of the system with updates and patches for now at least 3 years.

With the current stable version, OpenSUSE comes with many updates. For the web server administrators the latest Apache, MySQL and MariaDB updates are included. For web developer an updated Ruby 2.0 on Rails is included. In addition, the latest PHP 5.4.2 is integrated with a built-in test server. In the field of network and cloud technology, the latest OpenStack Havana with almost 400 new features was introduced.


- LTS version with at least 3 years Support
- MariaDB as the default database
- Apache 2.4.6 with PHP 5.4.20
- openStack "Havana"
- supports Amazon "S3" thanks to s3fs

3) VPS News#2: OwnCloud 7 available

The OwnCloud community has now released OwnCloud in version 7. The software has been revised extensively and comes with new features and functions. OwnCloud 7 is now available for all VPS and can be installed via the customer panel.

An important innovation is the server-to-server sharing that enables the user to implement another share from another OwnCloud instance.

In addition, the menu in the form of a drop-down was implemented, so OwnCloud 7 comes with a new design. Other new features include the editing of Word documents, notification of certain operations and the release of apps for certain groups.

The developer should also have done improvements in speed of OwnCloud 7. The pages should now load faster, since there is a new static CSS and JavaScript files. With the new upload and download mechanisms that can run in parallel, more performance can be expected. Further improvements have been implemented in database accesses. OwnCloud 7 should have fewer resource demands on the server.


- server-to-server sharing
- new design by drop-down menu
- edit Word documents
- performance improvement of software

4) VPS News#3: Plesk 12 available

After the introduction of the popular management platform Plesk 12 for dedicated server, Plesk 12 is now also available for VPS and installable via the customer panel.

Plesk 12 is characterized by a powerful new Security Core and comes with updates in e-mail, usability and safety. Especially in the area of ​​mail, the latest version is designed to provide protection against spam and also supports mail filtering.

In addition, Plesk 12 includes a feature-rich WordPress-Toolkit, which allows the management of multiple WordPress installations, plugins and themes from one central location. Thus, WordPress as well as plugins and themes can comfortably installed, updated and uninstalled.

The new Security Core in Plesk 12 combines ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Anti-Spam. So Plesk 12 guarantees a server-to-site security "out-of-the-box" and comes with the following advantages: higher security (protection against persistent attacks) and less downtime (blocked are malicious attacks).


- improved e-mail function and safety
- website and server security (Fail2Ban Support, mod_security)
- WordPress toolkit
- improvements of usability

5) Hosting news: PHP 5.5 available

PHP 5.5 is now available for all Hosting plans with PHP support.

The conversion of the PHP version can be made - for the entire hosting - globally via the customer panel by using the "PHP Configuration".

New features of PHP 5.5 include an API for password hashing (using bcrypt algorithm) as well as the support of generators. Additionally the return values ​​of functions can be checked by using empty(). The opcode extension "OPcache extension" from Zend is now an integral part of PHP. Furthermore "foreach" allows the use of list() as well as non-scalar keys.

When upgrading to PHP 5.5, please note that some usual functions (mysql_query(), mysql_connect(), etc.) have been classified as "deprecated" and therefore they may no longer be supported in later versions.

Additional information about migrating to PHP 5.5 can be found on the official developer site at and under

6) Server and VPS News: New Plesk licenses

With Parallels Plesk Panel 12, the latest release of the most successful and best-known administration tool for both dedicated servers and VPS, is available.
With just a few clicks and even without detailed knowledge, common server tasks such as setting up e-mail accounts or assigning domain names, can be managed.

We offer Parallels Plesk Panel 12 in four editions, according to your individual requirements:

Web Admin Edition:
The Plesk 12 Edition for up to 10 domains is optimal for web administrators and IT professionals who host self-managed websites. In this edition a simple management of own servers, websites, domains, email accounts and much more is guaranteed. With Plesk Mobile Manager it is also possible to manage own servers and websites via mobile devices. Numerous safety devices provide optimal protection against malware attacks.

Web App Edition:
Up to 5 domains can be managed via this edition. It is ideal for developers of web applications, who attach importance to the control of access rights for applications. In addition, tools for the enhancement of server capacities and safety devices for protection against scripting attacks on software are included.

Web Pro Edition:
Professional web designer or web agencies that manage and host client sites can take care of up to 30 domains with this edition, using powerful high-volume- management and security tools for WordPress hosting. The server- and WordPress management via mobile devices is guaranteed and is additionally protected against automated attacks on WordPress.

Web Host Edition:
Service Provider and Reseller can manage unlimited numbers of domains with this package. There are both intuitive tools for resellers - subscription and account management- as well as integrated support and security tools for effective WordPress Hosting. As with all other editions, Parallels provides also safety devices for protection against malicious programs.

Kind regards,
EUserv customer service

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