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Author Topic: New features for Domains  (Read 6687 times)

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Susanne Frank

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New features for Domains
« on: September 27, 2019, 01:58:28 PM »


As part of the introduction of new DNS servers since last week we also updated  the Customer Control Panel, which now offers some major changes or extensions for Domain administration.

The new name servers provide more stability, security, redundancy and new features.

The new features are available for plans supporting full DNS management. (at least “Domain Pro v2”).

New Domain features in the customer panel at a glance:

* Longer DNS-Records:

Customers can now create longer DNS-Records in DNS management (previously: max 255 characters, now: max 1000 characters)

Thus, e.g. TXT entries for DKIM with 2048 Bit are possible now (previously only DKIM with 1024 Bit) => more security for Email authenticity of Email sender (read:

* Expert feature for short DNS-TTL:

If you have set the expert mode, you can now enter DNS entries with a TTL of less than 60 seconds (up to 0 seconds) (previously only 60 seconds were possible)

Modifying DNS-Records with very little time delay until they become active are now possible. In the event of a server failure, domains can be moved to a different server IP very quickly, or if a mistake has been made in DNS management, it can be corrected quickly.

* Search function for DNS-Records:

Now a domain zone can be searched according to the following criteria:

- Content of the DNS entry
- domain
- subdomain
- Type of DNS-Record

For many DNS-Records, certain entries can be found faster, e.g. if this is to be changed or deleted. For many Co-domains in the contract, a faster search without scrolling is possible. (Search for DNS-Records for a specific domain.)

* Extensions by the following record types:

- CAA (

These extensions can be used to authorize only specific certification authorities (CAs), e.g. with a CAA entry,  to issue a certificate for the affected domain.

* Change function for DNS-Records:

If a DNS entry should be changed, the entire entry no longer needs to be deleted and recreated. There is thus no downtime between the changes (with low TTLs).

For the changes in the customer panel the Wiki has been also updated:

As always, we appreciate feedback here in the forums!

Best regards


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