OS Oracle Linux 7 for dedicated servers

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Author Topic: OS Oracle Linux 7 for dedicated servers  (Read 10986 times)

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OS Oracle Linux 7 for dedicated servers
« on: September 15, 2014, 01:02:32 PM »


With the release of RHEL or rather CentOS, Oracle 7 has released an updated version of its Linux. As usual for CentOS, Oracle provides all distribution updates free of charge. The distribution of Oracle does feel like CentOS to be binary compatible with RHEL. Unlike CentOS, Oracle Linux avoids the "bug compatibility" to RHEL so it may slightly differ from the model.

Oracle Linux 7 comes with a 3.10 kernel. As with RHEL, XFS is used as the default file system. Similarly, the change to systemd and GRUB 2 has been completed. The virtualization support for Xen was further expanded. Similar to RHEL's "kpatch",  Orcale Linux uses "ksplice" to patch the kernel at run time. Unlike RHEL, Oracle Linux  officially supports btrfs; but only by using the optional "UEK" (Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel), which can be obtained from the repositories (package name "kernel-uek").

More features:

- support for the tracing tool "dtrace"
- container virtualization by using LXC
- kernel 3.10.0-123
- kernel patching with ksplice
- support of btrfs via Oracle (with UEK)

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