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Ubuntu 14.04 + Plesk 12 available for dedicated servers



For Parallel's popular web hosting platform Plesk 12 we have now provided an updated operating system image with Ubuntu 4.14. as basis, ready for automatic installation in version "Standard" and "RAID1" via the customer panel.

Plesk comes up with additional features in terms of security, usability and mail. Protection against outbound spam is offered and the supplied Dovecot supports server-based mail filtering.

Further,  Plesk 12 supports the new version Fail2ban and ModSecurity. The Apache-based firewall for Web application is designed to protect the hosted websites from exploits and other security risks more effectively. In addition, mail services can now be enabled or disabled domain based.

The "WordPress Toolkit" is likely attractive for Reseller  - It allows the deployment and management of various WordPress installations on the respective customer webspace and ongoing security updates.

More features:

- multi language support
- new security features for email
- efficient management of many WordPress instances
- simplified account management
- optimized management interface for mobile devices

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