New RTR-Servers Series with 20 monthly free IP addresses

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Author Topic: New RTR-Servers Series with 20 monthly free IP addresses  (Read 14532 times)

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Susanne Frank

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New RTR-Servers Series with 20 monthly free IP addresses
« on: September 10, 2019, 08:04:55 AM »

Dear Forum-Member,

EUserv now offers a new dedicated server series.

The "RTR Servers", where "RTR" stands for "Ready-to-Run", focus on dedicated servers with virtualization support and many IPv4, IPv6 addresses and IPv6 / 64 subnets.

"RTR" because the servers are immediately available and proved. In contrast to the "BTO"-Servers (Build-To-Order), the new "RTR" servers are already built and existing servers in the data center.

In general, the "RTR server" had a previous tenant, comparable to one-year-old used car and are therefore too young for the server marketplace. Furthermore, in contrast to the SMP servers, "RTR servers" also contain replacement devices.

"RTR servers" are, however characterized by their features:
* 20 IPv4 addresses
* 20 IPv6 addresses
* 20 IPv6 / 64 subnets routed to one of the 20 IPv6 addresses
These features that are important for virtualization applications re included with no additional monthly cost.

Furthermore, there is the "Failover-IP" service, which is otherwise reserved for the regular series such as "Instant64" or "Prime64". With failover IP, two servers can assign IP addresses to each other, so theoretically one server can bind a total of 39 IP addresses.

To avoid misuse of the IP addresses e.g. for short-term spamming, the "RTR servers" are only available in contract periods of 3 and 12 months. The contracts extend automatically. Termination notice is at 3 months at all terms, what means that the shortest (gross-) contract period amounts 6 months. (3 months contract period + 3 months termination notice)
Before we start of official advertising, there is the following very short-term launch-offer, where a maximum of two devices can be ordered:

For customers who are interested in the new RTR servers, we offer every RTR server for 5.95 EUR monthly costs (including German VAT) in the first 3 months until 22.9.2019.  After that, the servers will be charged with the regular price. When ordering the discount will appear as a credit on the regular price in the first 3 months. This special offer is valid until 22.9.2019

Discover all available RTR-Servers, features and prices here:

kind regards,
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