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Instant64 AR v6 with AMD Ryzen CPU


Susanne Frank:
After this years introduction of the Instant64 v5 server with Intel Core i7 CPU in spring, we now offer "v6" servers with AMD Ryzen CPU.

We already tested the AMD Ryzen processors extensively with selected customers in the last 3 month. The performance of these CPU's is currently extremely high.

The server series "Instant64 v5" (with Intel CPU) and the "Instant64 AR v6" (with AMD Ryzen CPU) are therefore both orderable.

Server series "Instant64 AR v6" consists of 4 models:

* with 2x 10TB HDD
* with 2x 1TB SSD
* with 2x 1TB NVMe
* with 2x NVMe + 2x 10TB HDD (Hybrid)

All servers are provided as BTO (built-to-order). Due to the high interest and the pre-order numbers in the early months we expect a delivery time of approx. 2-4 weeks.

As operating systems all OS marked as "v4" can be installed.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the offer here in the forum.

All the "Instant64 AR v6" servers and prices in the overview below:


How long will it take to be setup, if I order one AMD Ryzen Server?

I have some questions (Don't have been answered on email!)

1) Does euserv offer/provide DDoS protection on a dedicated server?
2) Is there KVMoIP access, if the server will be "hanging or stuck" with booting?
3) Does euserv send an invoice on pdf at e-mail?
4) does euserv require a passport ID?


Please read here about the BTO process:

Please contact sales with your other questions and your concrete server plan you want to order.


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