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New VPS Server 2nd Generation available


Hello dear list members,

From now on, EUserv International offers the 2nd generation of the vServer, based on Linux containers.

The "VS2" server replaces the previous OpenVZ vServer and is based on the server developed as part of the CBCI beta test.

The "VS2" server is available as a variant with HDD ("VS2") and SSD ("VS2pro"). Furthermore, most Linux operating systems of the dedicated servers are available with the new vServers. The only exceptions are the OS that virtualize themselves.

The server "VS2-free" has a special position:
The basic version of this server can be used free of charge with IPv6 and can be expanded with additional functions if required.

All models and prices are available here:

As always, we look forward to feedback here in the forum.

kind regards,

I want help with VSERVER. I don't get get support, I can't post a thread here either.
I just installed the OS to the server. But I can't login via webconsole. It keep saying, "Wrong password try again!". I use the default password. Can someone please help me. Thank you.


looks like you have not created a new posting with IP address here. Please do that and we will provide you help.


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