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Author Topic: Update: ISPConfig / Froxlor / cPanel / Plesk  (Read 1833 times)

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Update: ISPConfig / Froxlor / cPanel / Plesk
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:17:21 PM »


We have expanded our operating systems with some convenient web panels. These make the administration of a server much more easier and allow the automation of certain process configurations via a graphical web interface.

In addition to Plesk and cPanel we now offer Froxlor and ISPConfig, which can be automatically installed for all dedicated servers via the customer panel in version "Standard" and "RAID1". In addition, there are corresponding installation images for all VPS.


Froxlor is an independent Fork, which has emerged from SysCP. It offers a multilingual web interface, which is mainly suitable for reseller and private hosting  projects.

The current version 0.9.32 is suitable - like the predecessor - for the management of domain names, web space and email accounts. Froxlor is now dual stack capable so domain names are accessible under IPv4 as well as IPv6.

In addition to the Apache Web Server, Froxlor also supports Nginx and provides support for the use of PHP FastCGI.

Froxlor is available for dedicated servers and VPS as:

- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Froxlor
- Debian 7 (Wheezy) + Froxlor


ISPConfig is a powerful web panel, which can configure and manage critical server services (HTTP, bind9, mail, databases and firewalls).

ISPConfig is modular respectively structured to different user groups so a classification into administrator, reseller and end user is given with the appropriate rights and configuration options.

Like Froxlor, the management of domain names, email and web space is also possible with ISPConfig. In addition, the management of OpenVZ containers, clustering and the management of other ISPConfig-Slave-Server is possible.

ISPConfig is available for dedicated servers as:

- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + ISPConfig
- Debian 7 (Wheezy) + ISPConfig
- CentOS 7 + ISPConfig

For VPS:

- Debian 7 (Wheezy) + ISPConfig


Plesk 12 offers attractive opportunities for resellers to carry out larger hosting projects. The configuration of web and mail servers for a domain name can be done easily. With the "WordPress Toolkit", which is available since version 12, different WordPress instances can be easily updated and adapted.

Mail Filtering and additional security mechanisms (Fail2Ban, ModSecurity) promise a more effective protection from spam and security vulnerabilities.

Plesk 12 is available for dedicated servers as:

- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Plesk 12
- Debian 7 (Wheezy) + Plesk 12
- CentOS 7 + Plesk 12
- openSUSE 13.1 + Plesk 12

For VPS:

- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Plesk12
- Debian 7 (Wheezy) + Plesk 12
- CentOS 7 + Plesk 12

Note: Plesk is a licensed operating system


cPanel is considered as one of the leading configuration and administration tools. With it´s wide range of configuration and customization options, cPanel is ideal for resellers.

The user has two different administration interfaces: WebHost Manager (WHM) and cPanel. WebHost Manager (WHM) has a complex surface for server management.

This includes, among other things, a user and customer management, DNS and FTP configuration and security settings of the server. Resellers can manage their own customers and plans here. Furthermore, extensive branding options for their own services are available.

For own customers, cPanel provides all necessary tools to manage websites. It provides an interface for managing mail addresses, ftp servers, databases, security settings and many other settings.

Note: The installation on our servers includes a 15-day test period. Thereafter, a license is required for any use. A license can be purchased directly from cPanel under https://store.cpanel.net/.

cPanel is available for dedicated servers and VPS as:

- CentOS 6 + cPanel

Kind regards,

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