NEW: SSD VPS with 11 % initial DISCOUNT in November

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Author Topic: NEW: SSD VPS with 11 % initial DISCOUNT in November  (Read 3407 times)

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NEW: SSD VPS with 11 % initial DISCOUNT in November
« on: November 03, 2015, 11:07:08 AM »


1) VPS news: New "VPS SSD" vServer Series with 11% initial DISCOUNT
   until November 30, 2015
2) Server News: CoreOS available
3) Support News: Wiki manual to setup an Email account on the iPhone
   under iOS 9
4) Security News: Security vulnerabilities in Magentoo / Joomla /
   xtcModified - update suggested



1) VPS news: New "VPS SSD" vServer Series with 11% initial DISCOUNT
   until November 30, 2015

A new VPS series with powerful SSDs is out now and can be ordered at
EUserv. Don't hesitate and order your SSD VPS until November 30, 2015 to
benefit from an initial DISCOUNT of 11 percent!

Simply copy the following coupon code into the redeem coupon box on the
shopping cart page and 11% discount will be taken off your SSD VPS order:

                       *                               *
                       *        HgtREnJ            *
                       *                               *

The VPS of the SSD series are virtualized dedicated Linux servers with full
root access. They are based on the proven Linux-based OpenVZ virtualization
technology and hosted on servers in EUserv's self owned Data Center in
The disk space in the series "SSD" is based with SSD's ("Solid State
Drive") in comparison to the conventional VPS series "Basic" or "Pro". This
enables a substantially higher I/O performance (read /write operations) and
thus considerable speed advantages compared to traditional hard drives.
The VPS also offer a standard 200Mbit network connection. All data traffic
is included and unmetered so high volumes of data with cost certainty are

What are the Key Features of VPS SSD series?

* High I/O performance powered by SSD technology
* 200MBit unmetered bandwidth
* many ready-to-run Linux OS to choose
* TUN/TAP devices available for VPN
* FUSE Support

What are the Advantages and Benefits of VPS SSD series?

* Security: Full root/administrator access to the server
* Performance: Higher I/O performance compared to conventional hard drives
* High availability: long-proven virtualization technology
* Quick access: high data load by unmetered 200Mbit connection
* Cost Safety: implementation of high transfer volume by unmetered
* Scalability: hardware upgrades anytime without server downtimes
* Fast start: many Linux operating systems with or without admin panel can
  be installed automatically
* Reliability: 24x7 host system monitoring (monitoring of the host hardware
  is not necessary)
* Privacy: Hosting in own German Data Center
* Flexibility: 24x7 operational system change within a few minutes

What kind of application possibilities arise for VPS SSD series?

* Database server with increased I/O load
* Web server with access to lots of small files (e.g. small Online Shop)
* Computing servers with increased read access (e.g. log file analysis,
  generation of statistics)
* VPN gateway for offices or Branch Networking
* Audio or video streaming

Which models of VPS SSD series are available?


Please see the current website for further details and prices:

*************************** SAVE THE DATE *********************************
Attention to all bargain hunters and penny pinchers: On Black Friday,
EUserv will offer you a great special! Stay tuned and save the date
November 27, 2015!

2) Server News: CoreOS available

CoreOS for dedicated servers is now available and can be installed via the
EUserv customer panel. CoreOS is a fork of Chrome OS with the aim of
providing a streamlined and secure platform for container virtualisation.

CoreOS consists of the components "fleet" (orchestration), "etcd" (service
discovery) and Docker or more recently "rocket" for the provision of (App)
-Containers. In cluster setups, "etcd" ensures that the container
configurations are kept in sync across the participating hosts. "fleet" as
a central orchestration tool allows the management of services on each
cluster node. Docker or "rocket" conduces the deployment of applications or
Linux instances in insulated containers similar to LXC.

With the supplied service "locksmithd" different update strategies for the
entire cluster can be developed. As Reboot Manager "locksmithd" can be
configured differently depending on the requirement (number of simultaneous
Cluster Nodes that have to be rebooted, order of reboots etc.) and makes it
easier to roll out updates on the entire cluster.

More features:

- Cluster operation possible
- controllable via REST-API
- service management via systemd

The entire list of operating systems can be viewed at

3) Support News: Wiki manual to setup an Email account on iPhone
   under iOS 9

You are using an iPhone and want to set up your EUserv email account also
on your smartphone? Our Wiki Guide "Setting up an email account on iPhone
under iOS 9" is available now and leads you in detailed steps through the
configuration of your mail account so that you are able to receive your
emails from your iPhone in the future.

The complete guide can be found at:

4) Security News: Security vulnerabilities in Magentoo / Joomla /
   xtcModified - update suggested

Recently, the following vulnerabilities have been reported for some web
applications listed below. We recommend updating as soon as possible.

* xtc and xtc modified (Webshop System) (all XTC based Shops less than
  Version 4)
* Magento (Content Management System)
* Joomla (Content Management System)

For further information please have a look in our forum:

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