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Author Topic: Latest Updates Customer Panel (CP2)  (Read 10193 times)

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Latest Updates Customer Panel (CP2)
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:41:53 PM »


We would like to point out briefly the latest changes and new features in our customer panel:

1.) Changed list of operating systems for dedicated servers

During initialization and reinstallation, the operating systems are now
sorted differently. The system now checks if an OS is available
already for the hardware assigned to your contract and if this OS
can be installed successfully. This will avoid a "hanging" of
installations in the future.

2.) Reseller tickets

Customers listed as Resellers can now send support requests via
customer panel directly to our reseller team. If your
account is approved as reseller account, the corresponding
contact information will be displayed in customer panel.

3.) Management of IPv4- and IPv6-networkcontracts

As of now, IPv4 and IPv6 networks, which are ordered as separate
contracts, are now visible and selectable in the contract overview.
Thus this new module enables management of IP networks including
routing and intrusion of VLANs. If your ordered IP-net isn't displayed
in customer panel, please contact our support team by mail.

4.) Configuration of IPv6 networks

The IPv6 network administration for in the contract included IPv6 networks was
removed from the IPv6 address management (menu item 'IPv6 addresses') and  transferred
into a separate module (new menu item 'IPv6 networks'). The
functionality didn't change (if possible in the tariff) and contains assigning
(routing) new IPv6 networks and setting your own name servers
for reverse DNS resolution. In addition, also existing network assignments
could be removed again.

5.) Security function for contract termination

In the case of online termination, the account password is now available as
additional security requested to confirm the termination. This
feature reduces klicked termination buttons by mistake and
increases security for critical applications.

kind regards,

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