New Server Series "Filer Pro" with up to 72TB storage space

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Author Topic: New Server Series "Filer Pro" with up to 72TB storage space  (Read 10269 times)

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New Server Series "Filer Pro" with up to 72TB storage space
« on: September 26, 2014, 03:04:57 PM »


The customer demands for large storage capacities are still high. EUserv will therefore expand the server series again.

The existing "Filer" and "Filer Giga" - servers are extended by the new 'Filer Pro' server series with up to 72 TB hard disk space, hardware RAID and HotSwap. To get 72 TB,  up to 12xx 6TB 24x7 6TB WD or HGST SATA disks are installed. Alternatively, there are up to 12 TB SSD storage space.

The server series "Filer Pro" offers the perfect combination of large storage capacity, performance and availability. Besides the use of high-quality single - Socket Intel Xeon E5 server platform of the manufacturer Supermicro, the servers are distinguished by the use of LSI hardware RAID controller with HotSwap hard drives or SSD's.

The "Filer Pro" server series is developed for business and professional users with high demands on storage volumes and reliability. All installed hard drives are 24x7 certified, connected to a LSI Hardware Raid Controller and hotswapable.  A hardware Raid 5 network is pre-configured by default to intercept the failure of a hard disk without data loss or downtime.

The series allows flexible growing of business demands, without investing in own hardware, by creating a storage system or to run an own external storage network with multiple servers by using the option "Virtual Data Center/VLAN" in the EUserv data center. High I/O loads can perfectly handled by the Filer Pro models with SSD storage.

Key Features:
- high availability by Supermicro hardware 
- reliable network connection by Cisco Layer2 and Layer3 – switches
- change of harddrive/SSD without downtime with preconfigured Auto-Rebuild by hardware RAID5 and HotSwap
- up to 2x 1Gbit network connection
- interconnection of more servers in VLAN and private IP-net

- security: full root/administrator access to the server
- high availability: reduced downtime with HotSwap and Hardware RAID5
- virtualization: VMware compatibility and driver support
- fast deployment: about 100 different operating systems ready for automated installation
- reliability: high-quality hardware for long-term investment security (>3 Years)
- flexibility: optional services available to build your private network with >2 servers

Application examples:
- file- and storage server
- database - server (SSD-Edition)
- backup - server for offsite backups (geo backup)
- iSCSI/NFS/CIFS storage
- backend for private cloud environment

Available server of the "Filer Pro" series:
* "Filer Pro 32T"
* "Filer Pro 48T"
* "Filer Pro 72T"
* "Filer Pro SSD 8T"
* "Filer Pro SSD 12T"

Link to the server series:

kind regards,

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